The launch of 5G services has opened doors to endless possibilities, which have boosted new generation technologies such as cloud computing, edge computing, AI and ML, and AR/VR.

The next-generation devices will process and stream content through 5G split-rendering with the dual advantages of high-throughput and low-latency connections.

Augmented and…

Here’s Why Customer Journey is Important in XR App Development

Extended Reality (XR) offers comprehensive coverage to Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR). The VR/AR/MR product space collectively refers to “Digital Reality,” which opens up the development of human-computer interaction.

Mixed reality technology aims at transforming…

Tesseract’s product growth across the reality-virtuality spectrum.
Tesseract’s product journey from VR, AR to MR.

In 2015, we started from a small warehouse in Mumbai with three tech enthusiasts who had a simple goal they wanted to accomplish — build a hardware company out of India. Today, we are the country’s biggest mixed reality company with 50 team members and growing.

Our growth wasn’t easy…

Jio Tesseract

Jio Tesseract, India’s biggest mixed reality company, is an MIT Media Lab spin-off and a Reliance group company on a mission to democratize AR/VR globally.

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